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Booths What is it about?
Set up your virtual booth and show why it is good to work for you!

Upload introductions, jobs and videos to your profile, preview the visitor’s resumes who visit your booth and chat or video interview with relevant candidates!

12-13 November

What is it about?


At JOB4me Virtual Job Fair, you can meet candidates from the comfort of your office (or from home). There are no limits on the internet, so you can reach a huge target audience.

We personalize your booth entirely to your brand, and you can manage all the information about your visitors digitally. You can chat, video interview and you don’t even have to travel.

User-friendly interface which is available from any device, so you only have to deal with finding the best candidates.

Join and experience the benefits of virtual recruitment and employer branding!


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Here is an insight of the event…

10 reasons why it’s worth attending

1. Innovative and cool appearance

You can really differentiate yourself from your competitors.

2. You can focus on relevant candidates

You can see the resumes of the visitors in advance and they can book an appointment to you.

3. Direct communication

You can chat, video interview and even make an offer.

4. Quick match

There are no unnecessary circles, as all information about your company and about job seekers is available.

5. Detailed statistics

You will receive all the information about visitors at your booth.

6. Convenient

You don't have to spend time traveling or parking, as you connect from your workplace or home.

7. Flexible schedule

You can divide tasks within a team and you can also work in downtime.

8. You don’t have to be a “tech genius”

Simple, user-friendly admin interface, even from your mobile.

9. Extra 30 day appearance

Your booth and open positions will be available for 1 month after the event.

10. Environmentally conscious solution

There are no handouts, promotional gifts and unnecessary junk.


Platina csomag


HUF 695,000

Appearance on a 3D map with an XL-sized booth.

Our prices are excluding VAT.

Arany csomag


HUF 495,000

Appearance on a 3D map with an L-sized booth.

Our prices are excluding VAT.

Ezüst csomag


HUF 395,000

Appearance on a 3D map with an L-sized booth.

Our prices are excluding VAT.




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Extra services

Banner advertisement on the open page

Appearance in e-DM with banner

Appearance in e-DM with text box and photo

Graphical services

Job advertisement uploads



JOB4me e-Handbook

JOB4me Handbook

Candidates will meet you first in our e-book. Show your brand from the pre-registration period!


This is what job seekers said

Would they participate in a virtual job fair in the next one year?
Which point in the selection process would you be happy to reach in a virtual event?

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We provide an unbeatable value for money for your brand!
Why should you join?

• You can build a valuable talent pool, as even the best professionals have been looking for jobs at an unprecedented rate in recent years.

• Visitors at your booth are really interested in you, and you can draw from this base later on.

• This is our first event that you would be sorry to miss, as the experience of meeting exhibitors will be even more intense in job seekers.

• You can assess the market, job seekers and also your competitors, from which experience you can benefit at the next event.

• You don’t need to advertise specific jobs, you can give a central application path, upload an employer branding video and you can have a chat with a visitor, or even more in the form of a webinar.

Join us, let’s blow up the recruitment market together!
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Organizer of the event:

Frissdiplomás Kft.

Frissdiplomás Kft.

Frissdiplomás Kft. has received Bisnode's AAA (triple A) certificate, which belongs to only 0.63% of the companies in Hungary, and it indicates that the financial risk of establishing business relations with our company is extraordinarily low.




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